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Additional Metallurgical Technical Consulting Services

DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. can provide the following additional metallurgical technical consulting services:

  • Material Specification Creation/Review including pipe line specifications.

  • ASTM/ASME Standards Interpretation.

    • Representation on codes and standards committees. Currently serving on ASME B31.12 Piping and Pipe Line codes and standards project team.

  • Material Failure Analysis.

    • Fracture/Metallography Analysis.

  • Microstructural Analysis.

  • Temperature equipment evaluations and recommendations.

    • Specializing in infrared pyrometer technology – single wave length, dual wave length instruments, and Line Scanning equipment. Equipment manufacturers Land Infrared, IRCON, and Raytek.

    • Recommendations on location and equipment selection.

    • Instrumental in development of Land Aluminum Strip Temperature (AST) system in early 1990’s.

    • Knowledge on use of Land “Gold Cup” infrared contact pyrometer for precise temperature measurement in or outside of heating furnaces.

    • Use and set up of calibration standards for X-ray devices used in steel thickness measurements.


For more information, please contact:
Doug Stalheim
DGS Metallurgical Solutions
Vancouver, WA - USA
Phone: (360) 713-2407
Fax: (360) 882-1775
Email: dgstalheim@dgsmet.com

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