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Steel and Aluminum Processing

The following is a description of steel and aluminum processing experience and capabilities for DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc.

Steel Processing

Steelmaking Experience and Capability

  • Melting – Extensive Electric Arc Furnace (EAF - scrap, DRI) and Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF).

  • Tank and RH Vacuum Degassing.

  • Ladle Metallurgy Facilities (LMF)

  • Casting – Ingot, Continuous cast (slabs, blooms) and unique Bottom Pressure Casting (slabs).

  • Training of steel shops in the production of high carbon (0.60 – 1.0%) bar including Sheffield Steel, Chaparral Steel, Alta (Stelco) Steel, Laclede Steel.

  • Training and cooperation in the production of high quality slabs suitable for API applications including chemistry control, clean steel practices, internal centerline quality, cutting quality, surface quality with numerous worldwide API slab suppliers.

  • Training and cooperation in the production of high alloy heat treat grades including those containing boron.

  • Hydrogen cracking, root cause, diffusion, and remediation analysis.

  • Horizontal bar casting for high chrome cast iron bar stock for grinding balls.

Rolling - Plate, Coil and Bar

Development of chemistry, rolling practices and schedules for the following:

  • Steckel mill scale control for coil and plate.

  • Steckel rolled ≤ API X70.

  • Steckel rolled ≤ API X80 coil up to 0.75” (19 mm).

  • Steckel/discrete rolled structural steels (plate/coil) up to 130 ksi minimum yield strength.

    • API 5LB – X100, understanding of requirements to product API X120.

    • Structural steels from 36 ksi to 130 ksi minimum yield strength.

    • HSLA steels with microalloy contents of Nb ≤0.110%, V≤ 0.120%, Ti≤ 0.150% including proper use of V/N 2 alloy systems.

    • Abrasion resistant and high alloy heat treat grades including boron grades.

    • Thermo Mechanical Control Processing (TMCP) for strength and toughness ≤-120 °F (≤-85 °C), including High Temperature Processing (HTP).

  • Laser quality coil and plate.

  • Abrasion resistant high carbon (0.60 -1.0%) grinding rods and balls including temperature measurement techniques, unique ultrasonic testing protocol and metal working characteristics during rolling.

All included determination of optimum productivity.

Reheat furnace thermocouple measurement of metal temperature.

Forging and Heat Treatment

Development of chemistry and processing parameters for:

  • Direct Quenching

    • 1.0% C Grinding Balls.

    • Abrasion resistant plate.

  • Quench and Temper (Q&T) parameters for abrasion resistant plates, balls and rods.

  • Cryogenic quench evaluation for improved abrasion resistance.

  • Upset forging and roll forming metal flow analysis for defect identification/improvement for abrasion resistance and toughness improvement.

Optimization of heat treating equipment through detailed analysis of equipment and product performance.

Use of metallurgical considerations for quenching equipment designs and capabilities.


Development of chemistry and processing parameters for:

  • Welding of API line pipe
  • UOE, Helical (Spiral) Weld, and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe for API line pipe applications.

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Aluminum Processing

Aluminum Plate, Coil and Sheet

Development of reheating and rolling practices for optimum quality and efficiency including:

  • Reheat furnace air flow modeling (Radiant heat soaking pits and walking beams).

  • In furnace thermocouple metal temperature trials to optimize furnace/product performance

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