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About - Qualifications, Experience, and Resume; of Doug Stalheim; API Line Pipe Expert - Technical Consultant - Metallurgical Engineer

Douglas G. Stalheim is the President and principal of DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. Mr. Stalheim, a technical consultant, is a metallurgical engineer with over 30 years of practical primary metals, oil and gas industry experience. His experience as a process metallurgist, technical manager of both steel shops and API line pipe production facilities gives him great insight into process and operation issues. He can bring valuable, practical experience, and creative ideas to any task.

Mr. Stalheim is one of the recognized top experts in the world in API line pipe production including specification review, alloy design, rolling design, plate, coil and pipe production. As a technical consultant and metallurgical engineer, he has been involved in over 2.2 million tons representing in excess of 650 API line pipe projects in the world market.

In addition to the API line pipe projects, Mr. Stalheim has experience in all aspects of steel and aluminum production; everything from low carbon to high carbon cast iron, from low alloy to high alloy, and shapes ranging from sheet, plate, coil, bar, billet, and blooms. He has extensive heat treat experience along with a specialty of high carbon abrasion resistant grinding media.

He has vast experience with numerous equipment manufacturers and types of equipment used in the production of steel and aluminum products. Over the years he has developed extensive contacts around the world in these industries which are additional resources to which DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. can call upon while providing technical consultant services.

Further metallurgical engineer qualification and experience information may be found by viewing Mr. Stalheims' resumé and project list. Companies that Mr. Stalheim has had technical consultant interactions with include:

  • JFE (Kawasaki) Steel
  • Mittal Steel (Ispat, ISG)
  • CST Steel
  • Sidor Steel
  • Azovstahl Steel
  • Rautaruukki Steel
  • Corus Steel
  • Eko Stahl Steel
  • Nanjing Steel
  • Thyssen Steel
  • Laclede Steel
  • Thomas Steel
  • Chaparral Steel
  • Sheffield Steel
  • Armco Steel
  • Oregon Steel Mills
  • Camrose Pipe Company
  • Napa Pipe Company
  • Ipsco Steel
  • CBMM
  • Stratcor
  • Ircon
  • Raytek
  • Land Infrared
  • Tippins
  • Thermo Electron Eberline Radiography
  • Mannesmann Demag
  • Robinson Fans
  • ITAM
  • Salem Furnace
  • Bloom Engineering
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Williams Pipelines
  • El Paso Gas
  • Duke Energy
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Encana
  • Bechtel
  • EWIMicroalloying Inc.
  • and many others.

Metallurgical Technical Consulting Services

Member of
ASME, ASME Codes and Standards writing committees,


For more information, please contact:
Doug Stalheim
DGS Metallurgical Solutions
Vancouver, WA - USA
Phone: (360) 713-2407
Fax: (360) 882-1775
Email: dgstalheim@dgsmet.com

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