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Steel and Aluminum Products

The following are examples and applications of steel and aluminum grades/products that DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. has developed or collaborated.

Steel Products / Grades

Plate and Coil

API Oil and Gas Transmission Pipe Line Steels Plate and Coil - API X42 to X100 plate. Coil up to API X80 x 0.75” (19 mm) thick. Included are steels for HIC (sour service) applications. An understanding of alloy and process requirements for API X120.

Pipe Line Steels for High Pressure Hydrogen Gas Service - Research project funded by the US Department of Energy in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Illinois for development of pipeline steels for high pressure ( up to 5000 psi) hydrogen gas transmission.

HR 100 KSI Minimum Yield Strength Structural Plate and Coil - As-rolled high strength structural plate, used in crane booms, man lifts, trailers, etc.

HR 130 KSI Minimum Yield Strength Structural Plate and Coil - As-rolled high strength structural plate, used in crane booms.

HPS 70W - High performance structural bridge plate.

A572-50 Heavy Gauge (4”, 100 mm) Plate - Building columns for California Earthquake Building Codes.

A572-65 up to 1.25” Structural Plate with Low Temperature
- As-rolled structural plate for wind tower.

Q&T 130 KSI Minimum Yield Strength Plate - High Strength Heat Treated Product for crane booms.

A656 Gr 80 Structural SteelPlate and Coil - As-rolled high strength with low temperature toughness properties.

AR Direct Quench Plate - abrasion resistant plate produced directly off the mill for mining, dump trucks, etc.

High Carbon Grinding Media

1.0% Carbon Grinding Balls - Chemistry for improved wear performance through utilization of carbon in solution. An achievement of up to 10% abrasion resistance.

52100 Grinding Balls - 1.0% carbon, 1.5% chrome alloy for improved wear performance.

1080 Grinding Rods - Chemistry for improved wear performance with out impact failures using controlled microstructural differences.

0.80% Carbon 5” (127 mm) Diameter Grinding Balls for Semi-Autogenous Grinding - Chemistry for improved wear resistance with out impact failures.

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Aluminum Products / Grades

Plate and Coil Sheet

AA 5052 Hot Rolled Sheet - AA 5052 properties directly off of the hot mill with out cold rolling used for any structural AA5052 applications.

K319 Aluminum Brazing Sheet - Corrosion resistant brazing sheet for automotive radiator applications.

AA 7029 - Automotive bumper stock.

AA 5657 - Surface quality critical sheet for anodizing in automotive and cosmetic applications.

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